Topeka is our people. We offer discounted group programs to various demographics in our community. Camaraderie, health and fitness aren't bad things; and we like combining all of them. 

Young Mom Program

As a mom with young kids, it can be difficult to muster up the courage to exercise. Heck, it can be hard some days just stepping out your front door.

To promote health and wellness among a demographic that's typically overlooked regarding exercise; and is often unsure where to start following kids, we have a number of groups that meet early morning and some evenings throughout the week.

Interested? Send us a message and see if you qualify.

Career Fit Program

Our Career Fit initiative was designed for the business professional who's managing a hectic schedule, but still needs quality exercise. In other words, they need to get in, get out and feel good about it. Our 30 min, high-intensity training is perfect for this individual. Group classes run during the lunch hour throughout the week and several evening slots. Routines are in the cross training style.

Interested? Check it out.

Teacher Program

It's not always recognized, but teachers are some of the best among us and most important to our community. If you're a teacher and reading this, don't let that give you a big head. Even though it's already probably pretty big, you got so much knowledge up in there. Where were we? Oh yeah, this program is for any teacher from preschool to the university level. Groups currently meet around 3:45 and 4:30. Intrigued? See if there's any room and send us a message.

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