Rocco Gutierrez


USA-W Certified

If you walk in to Fitrition’s doors and witness a group of individuals collectively doing burpees with some hardcore rock music in the background you are, more than likely, walking in on one of Rocco’s sessions! 


“Hoy Hoy Mighty Troy!” A Topeka native and Topeka High grad, Rocco planted roots in the Capital City joining the Fitrition team in September of 2017. 


Rocco developed a strong sense of work ethic very early in life through competitive boxing at age 7, continuing on to join the United States Air Force at age 19.


In his early 20’s, Rocco gained an appreciation for running, simply because he was not good at it. Through perseverance, Rocco completed some noteworthy races, including the Air Force Marathon, the Topeka to Auburn half marathon and, with Keith alongside him, they gritted through 25 miles on his 25th birthday on a cold, blizzardy day in February!  

In addition to leading personal and group training sessions, Rocco focuses on developing an athletic training program specifically for tactical professionals to provide them occupational training to enhance performance and reduce injury risk.


His passion for fitness is the driving force behind his coaching style that compels his clientele to push past comfortability and never quit on themselves while committing full effort. 


Aside from being a strength coach at Fitrition, Rocco preforms duties for the United States Air Force as a TACP (Tactical Air Control Party) Airman. 


Chances are, you may run in to Rocco at the local office supply store as his love for organizing is almost as strong as the product in his hair! Other enjoyments include spending quality time with family and friends, shooting, and cooking. 


If you’re curious whether “Rocco” is his real name or not, just ask him. I dare you!