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Colin Nichols

B.A. Exercise Science (Ottawa University)

FMS (Functional Movement Screen)

USA-W Certified (United States of America Weightlifting)

CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)

NSPA certified speed and agility coach



Born 1993 in Anaheim, California, Colin moved to Topeka in 1995. He played basketball and baseball at Topeka High School and basketball at Ottawa University. In the summer of 2015, Colin began an internship at Fitrition and jumped onboard as an coach shortly afterward, specializing in athletic and youth sports performance.

Utilizing a positive, flexible, and adaptable coaching style, Colin enjoys leading others to achieve their fitness goals through commitment and consistent training. Coaching individuals through long-term development is energizing to Colin because he can relate both to their challenges and results.


While his training sessions don’t usually include a song and dance routine, Colin spends much of his time while not at work as an instrumentalist and a songwriter. In July 2018, Colin earned a gold medal at the Sunflower State Games functional fitness scaled