Encouraging and leading people in setting and accomplishing goals in weight management, mobility, strength & cardiovascular fitness

We believe in testing & tracking within our fitness programs. We want to set baselines in the areas of strength, strength endurance and cardiovascular endurance. We believe that all fitness programs should lead to measureable improvement in those areas. Within every program we develop and implement, our considerations are as follows; injury prevention, mobility, proper form and technique, proper progression (exercise selection, appropriate weight & repetition), functional movements, goal accomplishment (specificity), and challenge (safely pushing people to achieve more).

Developing athletic qualities such as: speed, power, agility, strength & sport specific movements.

Increasing confidence in each athlete's abilities to compete in their respective sport activities. We take a testing & tracking approach method with athletes to find which athletic qualities they excel in and which qualities they need to improve in order to be as competitive in their sport as possible. All programs we develop and implement focus on; injury prevention, improved mobility, proper form and technique in skill / power / strength movements, increase  in speed and/or power, increase in strength, and sports specific conditioning. All athletes work from simple to complex training procedures.

Bringing awareness, information and accountability to healthy foundational nutritional practices. 

Our foundational nutrition practices are centered on: drinking healthy amounts of water, getting proper amounts of proteins with each meal (including fresh vegetables and fruits daily), eating a variety of healthy fats, eating and earning high quality carbohydrates, limiting processed foods and eating proper amounts of food / calories for our goals per meal/day. We follow the Precision Nutrition System with our clientele, giving them plenty of resources and a coaching system to help them find a successful path to accomplishing their goals. Our coaching practices are centered on: goal setting, plan making, behavior monitoring, and results based decision making. We understand that nutrition is very complex and far more than ‘eat this, not that’. We want to identify the limiting factors within clients’ nutritional practices and help them overcome obstacles as they reach their goals.

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