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What Our People Say: Testimonies from the Gym

A couple times each year we try to highlight the people who have found a home at our gym, hoping that their experiences will resonate with people who are searching for a place to get involved with a workout community. Today, we give you Brooke.

"Fitrition has helped me believe in myself. I'm doing things I never thought I could," Brooke said. "I'm stronger mentally, physically, and emotionally. Fitrition has made me want to live a healthier lifestyle."

Brooke found Fitrition in 2016 through a drawing on Facebook that was offering six weeks of free training to the winner. Brooke won. "I started in January of 2017 and I've never looked back. I'm so glad I was selected."

Brooke has since moved on to another city and another workout community, but one of the aspects of Fitrition that Brooke appreciated the most was the commitment of the coaches/trainers.

"My trainer genuinely cares about my progress. He encourages me to be better," Brooke said. "I have seen the trainers work with a variety of people from large to small, big and tall. I think anyone, regardless of age, would benefit from a Fitrition membership."

Thank you Brooke for your ambassadorship for our community!


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