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My name is Keith Fine and I’m the owner of Fitrition. I launched this gym in 2014 with only a few clients and very little equipment. It wasn’t easy, but I had a very clear vision of what I wanted to offer the every-day person in my city. Fitrition was an idea born out of the desire to create an environment that serves as a trusted source of fitness and nutrition coaching for the community of Topeka.

I’ve worked in the fitness and sports industry since 2006, and after graduating from Washburn I was on track to attend graduate school and try to get a job as a strength and conditioning coach at a division 1 university. That’s when I realized that high level athletes aren’t the ones who need cutting-edge training and educated trainers the most. Our society is less physically healthy today than it’s ever been.


In a time when the fitness market is oversaturated with under-educated and unqualified professionals as well as an abundance of misinformation and misappropriated focus on sales, I decided to offer something better.


I decided to build what I wished I had when I was learning to train, and it meant fixing a few things:

  • To replace gym memberships with a coach-client accountability relationship
  • To focus on delivering quality service over acquiring sales
  • To build a staff that worked as a team of coaches rather than competing as individual trainers
  • To develop a process of coaching clients in both group and individual environments towards better fitness and nutrition practices that fit their lifestyle and goals
  • To develop programs that not only meet you where you are, but also challenge you to move toward where you want to be
  • To be an environment that promotes excellence for our clients, our coaches and our community that carries into all areas of life

Now we offer individual training, group training, team training, and we tie an important nutritional layer into everything we do. We have become a trusted source for fitness and nutrition in Topeka, just like we set to be.


Come by and meet us. Face to face is what makes community grow, and we want you to meet the awesome people who make Fitrition a great place.

Keith Fine
Owner/Lead Coach

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