Meet The Team





For most of my life, I have benefitted from strength training. I became a coach so I could regularly encourage excellence in the lives of others and help them pursue their purpose. Guiding clients into challenges and watching them succeed is one of the things I enjoy most about coaching. I know the result of such successes is much bigger than completing the challenge; these victories are the mental fuel that help anyone set high goals and achieve them in all areas of life. 


Take personal responsibility. Make the habits, do the work, live on purpose. 





With a father who was a high school coach, I grew up around the gym and the weight room, and that’s where I always wanted to be. In college, I realized that I loved to train for sports even more than I enjoyed playing them, so I committed myself to the craft of becoming a strength and conditioning coach and building others up. 

In group sessions, I love to control the chaos of many people needing many different types of coaching and training. I focus on making small and immediate changes that help develop clients into their best self over the long haul.






I entered college as a nursing student because I wanted to help people, but made the switch to Kinesiology after a few semesters so I could continue to help people while maintaining an active lifestyle. 


“Health is your greatest wealth,” and “if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it,” are a few of the mantras that help me motivate clients and remind them of their goals. I want to help every individual client show up regularly, work their hardest, and achieve everything they strive for. 






I grew up playing sports in Topeka. After graduating from Washburn with a degree in Kinesiology in 2019,  I joined the staff at Fitrition in order to give back to the local sports community that I love. 


With a strong background in gymnastics and soccer, I understand individual and team sport mentality and needs. No matter who you are, I believe everyone needs to stay moving; anything you can do to move more is going to help.