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Achievable Goals: The Key to Success

The flip of the calendar is only a month away, and for many Americans that means setting goals for the new year. But the lead up to that day can be daunting.

"What goals can I set that are achievable, and that I won't quit working on through out the year?"

For some people the most important goals are long term, so new years resolutions aren't all that important. But for many of us it's vital to set our eyes on something we want to achieve and build out a plan for how to achieve it. Maybe instead of waiting for January 1, this year we start December 1 and test drive a few potential goals?

This works best with goals that are daily, or at least dependent on discipline. If it's about exercising more regularly, pick one week in December to focus on achieving that goal. If it goes well, extend it a week, then decide if it's the goal you want to stick with for the upcoming year. If it's nutrition you want to focus on, reach out to Fitrition and let us set up a plan for your December and you can see if that works for you.

All of us at Fitrition coach because we love to help others achieve. Whether it's a one-week goal, a New Year's Resolution, or a life goal, we're all about helping you get it done. If you're thinking about making a goal for 2021, reach out to us now! We'll help you set achievable and admirable goals.


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