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Working on your mobility reduces the risk of injury and improves

overall functional movement. Mobility differs from flexibility in that flexibility refers to the ability of a joint

to move through an unrestricted, pain-free range of motion, while mobility refers to the ability

to move freely and easily through functional movement patterns.

Increased mobility can have the following postive effects

  • increase quality of life

  • decrease risk of injury

  • boost joint health

  • improve physical performance

  • decreases joint pain

If you're wanting to incorporate mobility into your workout, here's how and when you can do it...


 Foam roll / massage gun / varieties of myofascial release; this helps to increase blood flow to muscles and releas tension in the tissue

 Dynamic Stretching (body weight exercises that move through big ranges of motion)

 Activate the muscles, priming them for movement through full ranges of motion.

During workout:

 Go through the same or similar movements as the planned exercises in your warmup at a lesser intensity and bigger range of motion..

 Keep the muscles activated during the workout (stay warm and prime for full range of motion movement)

 Exercise to build muscle strength by incorporating tension through a full range of motion.


 Stretch isolated joints through the full range of motion

 Repeat dynamic stretching exercises that use the same muscle groups that you trained.

 Extra sets of lower intensity, big range of motion exercises.

These are some simple ways to incorporate mobility into workouts. When your

mobility improves you will find you have better posture, improved functional fitness

performance and less aches and pains in your joints during everyday life. Get moving!


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