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Can You Take it to the Next Level?

As a parent, a spouse, a business owner or employee, a church member, or an athlete, there's alway room for improvement. You can make the decision to be just a little bit better. In the way you eat, exercise, or sleep, there's alway room for improvement. You can leave out the one bad snack per day, you can get the extra hour of sleep, or you can choose to do that final set at the end of your workout. It's a choice.

Every area of life has room for improvement. The common thread for all improvement is the decision you make to do it. It starts with a choice and the motivation to move in a new direction. Some people have the determination to launch into a new area of improvement with great gusto, going from couch potato to daily gym rat. That's not most of us. The majority of people need the incremental improvements that allow us to see advancement without severe discomfort.

Here's a helpful graphic from Precision Nutrition that shows some of the simple steps you can take to advance your movement to the next level. Pick the spot on the wheel where you are now, and just move up one spot per week or month.


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