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Fundamentals Still Matter: Finding Balance in a Changing World

This is a unique time, and its challenges are unknown in terms of magnitude and duration. There are so many things out of our individual control that allow frustration and despair to sink in more easily. However, there’s always good news...there’s always hope. We, as people, are made in the image of God...out of the type of stuff that survives crazy times like this- we have a DNA and a backbone that can handle adversity...that was meant to adapt to different environments. We are blessed beyond our knowledge, and equipped with the necessary tools to not just survive, but grow through times of need. Here are a few thoughts for those of you needing a new perspective during these times. Have a Plan Maintain normal bedtimes, waking up times, and meal times. Keep your weekends and weekdays focused on their purpose. (Of course, still enjoy the unique and special opportunities with family, just don’t weaken your responsibilities.) Foster Relationships Whether you're still going to work, working from home, or out of work, you’re probably finding yourself with more opportunity to spend the most precious commodity (TIME) with those closest to you. Sure, you’re not getting to see friends, co-workers, workout buddies, and acquaintances near as much or at all, but you’re most likely getting a chance to see those who matter most more than you ever had in the past. Yes, tons of time can be weighing on the patience, but be sure your perspective is a positive one. Time is something we never get back and we can’t buy more of it. This opportunity is truly special...seize it. Develop Spirituality Continue or grow in your habits: read, meditate, pray, listen/watch, discuss those issues that are significant to your moral compass. Physically Care for Yourself Keep up with your mobility, strength and cardio. Sure, the gyms are closed, but they are recent luxuries that many generations before us didn’t have, while still maintaining good physical health. There are tons of digital opportunities for at home exercise needing minimal or even no equipment. Be sure to stretch, challenge your strength, and elevate your heart rate! Nutrition Most of the typical excuses for why people don’t eat well fall under two categories; I don’t have the time, or I don’t know what to do. Well, most people have plenty of time to prepare meals at home, and if you don’t know what to do, ask a coach for help! Now is a great time to think, organize, plan and practice how to make good nutrition efficient in your life. The only thing in your way is you. Mental development Read, listen, and watch! Take some of this time to pursue those things that stimulate your interests and challenge your mind. Emotional stability Take time to do those things that relieve stress. For some that may mean working out, for others it’s getting outside for yard work or a leisurely walk. It may mean going and grabbing a latte at a drive through as you sip and read away from home and distractions. Maybe a phone call or video chat with a friend or loved one is what soothes you. Maybe writing, artwork, music, or watching your favorite comedy will help. Wellbeing is a balance. If you need any specific suggestions in any category, shoot us an email or comment below and we’ll do our best to help! We may not be encouraging each other in person these days, but we can use the tools we have to help continue progress!


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