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The gym has been open for two weeks now. It’s been two weeks of opportunity as we navigate change. We’ve changed our schedule, our programming, our cleaning procedures, our workout routines, our standard practice concerning personal space and equipment usage, and our coaching strategies. On one hand it’s great to be back to serving the wonderful community of members we have become accustomed to serve, and on the other hand it seems as if everything is a tad different and new.

As I sit back to digest all that’s been going on in the midst of the change, I’m filled with gratitude. The flowers sitting on our counter are a symbol of appreciation from a special client who wanted to say thankyou for this environment; not merely our facility, our workouts, or our coaches, but for all of the people who continually contribute to making Fitrition what it is. It’s an environment that encourages and supports excellence and purpose in the lives of all who participate.

I’m grateful for everyone’s support of all the recent changes. Our members have graciously and patiently embraced the newness of our service. This cooperation has been essential to our staff’s ability to make this new normal successful. So far, our new schedule has given us more time to spend with clients, opportunity for more strategic coaching, and the most consistently clean facility we’ve ever had! And the change isn’t over yet. Adaptation over the coming weeks and months will be demanded if we are to continue to strive for excellence in our service.

As we continue through all of this, I want to be clear that we’re thankful for all of your support and will continue to keep serving you in the best ways possible, because you are our top priority. We’ll continue to embrace the changes, knowing that the opportunity to become better people, coaches, and a better all-around environment is what awaits us.

As the saying goes, ”only strong survive”. I believe there is a glimmer of truth in it, but I don’t believe they survive because they begin with sufficient strength. I believe they survive because adversity provides opportunity for the development of strength, and those who face it with courage gain the necessary strength to make it through…to survive. Growth comes by way of necessity, not desire.

Thank you & stay strong.

Keith Fine

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