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Know Your Why: It Matters

In life, in relationships, in eternity, your 'why' always matters. It's the reason for doing what you do. The motivation for your actions is the driver for your success. It's the catalyst for movement. If the driver isn't a powerful one, your success (or lack thereof) will be quite evident. A powerful why lifts you, builds you up, gives you a strong base, and elevates you to new heights.

Different goals have different 'whys', and that's just fine. The important thing is that you determine your why at the beginning.

Whether you're working towards a better relationship with someone you love, hustling towards a promotion at work, or sweating your way towards a physical fitness goal, you should always begin by determining your why.

The idea of determining your 'why' is a popular one in the professional realm and the spiritual world. Both arenas offer incredible benefits to the people who are introspective and intentional. So why shouldn't we do the same with our physical goals?

Find some quiet time this week and determine why you eat what you eat, why you do or don't exercise, and why you do or don't take care of your body. Being honest can be difficult, but finding the why can reveal a lot of important information and help you make more intentional choices.


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