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Update from Fitrition : Words from Keith

The Vision To be an Environment that Encourages others to Strive towards their Purpose with Excellence.

Why does this manifest itself in a gym such as Fitrition?

When I was young(er), my childhood was somewhat chaotic. I did not want to simply be a victim of life’s circumstances. I didn't want to repeat a cycle that I believed was not purposed to be the best for my potential future. Simply put, I believed in something more…something better…I believed that I was created with more purpose than what life was currently offering.

A big part of me actualizing that was having the opportunity to train for and play sports. I could see how effort and faith worked together towards the achievement of a goal, and that it was a continual process of faith and humility, not a destination to arrive at safely. I became fond of challenging my present & future self to become a better version of my past self, and Fitrition allows me a structure to share that process with others.

Our commitment through this vision is to serve you. This is not dependent upon brick and mortar, or dumbbells and Airdyne bikes! This is dependent upon our relationship and a common understanding of the process and goal; helping you be the best you. I want to take the opportunity to share some things as we navigate the new normal with COVID-19.

What do you need from us?

If you’re still coming in (while we’re still open) – let’s keep this business as usual. But most of you aren’t…and potentially all you won’t be soon, so let’s discuss that, please let me know what you need!

Here are some ideas…

Online workouts? (Medium: Facebook, YouTube, Text, Email)

Do you need equipment to help you accomplish this?

How about nutrition coaching?

Do you need the permission to just do the bare minimum, or even nothing, while you’re navigating the chaos as well?

What I need from you…

To know what you need from me!

To know a little more about your individual goal (regardless of the current circumstances) Please share with me which of the following best describes you.

(If you are unsure, I’d be happy to talk through it with you!)

- Lose Weight (10-15# or more)

- Build Muscle (increase lean mass and overall weight)

- Athletic Performance (minimal weight change, great nutrition & intense workouts)

- Body Composition (minimal weight change, increase lean mass, lose body fat)

- Overall health (minimal weight change, good nutrition & exercise habits)

We’re in this together. Greatly to my appreciation, many of you have reached out to me personally to discuss the financial impact of this. I’m not one to make brash decisions out of fear or anxiety, and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this to try and articulate what may be the best way to go about this process and maintain the necessary elements of the business and in exchange continuing to provide a worthy service to our clients. As April approaches, I’d like to give all of our clients the following options:

First off, if we’re still open for operation in April, you’re welcome to resume workouts per your normal schedule in person; business as usual! (We're going to continue posting online workouts for those of you who aren’t coming in!)

If we’re not open for business, or if you’re best off staying out of the gym for the temporary time period, we will continue to offer services online to the best of our abilities. Under these circumstances April fees will fall under these options…

If you’ve been (as we all are in some way) negatively financially impacted and cannot pay for our services, we still want to serve you! Just let me know and we’ll still help you out accordingly!

If you’re able to pay all, or ½, of your April fees that would be wonderful in helping me maintain the necessary expenses and payroll of Fitrition and its’ employees. I will be exploring other options as well, but I want to communicate to each of you first!

Overall, let me know what you plan to contribute (all, ½, or unable, or uninterested in service) for April so that I can plan accordingly and maintain the environment we enjoy and benefit from.

I appreciate every one of you. You've been an important part of this Fitrition family and everything it's become. I hope to continue to be a part of your success.

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