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We're Rebuilding for the New Year

Owner, Keith FIne

Fitrition has been present on the internet for a few years, but we now realize that we haven't been using it to the best of our abilities. So, we're doing a few things to provide more services to you and to make us more easy for non-members to find. Here's a quick list of what we're up to:


A few years ago we put together a nice website, but we didn't keep up with it. So, we're rebuilding it to make sure it does a few important jobs. First, we want it to tell the story of us. We're much more than a gym, and we offer much more than just fitness training. So we'll focus on telling the success stories of our customers/members. Second, we'll be including a few new content areas including regular blog posts and a member's corner for communications with our members.

Social Media

We do some...but we're going to do it better. We're committed to making sure that everyone who needs to hear from us can, and that our communication is clear and regular. Facebook is a great tool, but we'll also be employing a few other platforms so we can connect with everyone in their chosen place.

Active Blog

We're going to use our blog to inform and teach. This will be a searchable catalog of fitness and nutrition wisdom that we'll compile over time, so you'll always be able to come back and find that post about the awesome sounding salad that you want to make, or that stretch that helped your aching back muscles. Beats the heck out of scrolling and scrolling back through Facebook posts.

As we take the leap off into this digital realm we want you to know a few things. We're still the same people we've always been. Yes, we're looking to grow and add new members, but we're still about encouraging excellence in your life through fitness and nutrition coaching. Thanks for being a part of this new adventure.

Keith Fine

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