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Gratitude: An Underrated Exercise

We all have our favorite exercises. There's the one or two we from which we feel great effects, and there's the few that we know we're really good or strong at. I'd venture to say that we each have a few exercises that we avoid in a similar way. There's the ones we just don't like to do, and there's the ones we don't feel much return from when we do them. But they're all important for a well-rounded, well-balanced approach to health and wellness.

Just like physical wellness, mental wellness must be a well-rounded attempt. And just like our physical workouts, there's a few mental wellness exercises that many of us avoid because they don't feel good, they're awkward, or we just don't like to do them. Gratitude is one that is often overlooked.

Gratitude is about much more than saying thank you or sending a card out around the holidays. It's original meaning is much more than a feeling or a mindset. It includes an active readiness to show appreciation and return kindness.

So there's multiple steps to truly embodying gratitude. Here are the three that we believe are vital to truly exercising your gratitude muscles.


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