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Finding success in Your Nutrition (While Facing the Challenges of Life)

Success is somewhat like happiness; it’s wonderful when it happens to be in our lives, but it can be very elusive and seem somewhat out of our control.

Today, I want to offer two tips that will hopefully help reframe what success really depends on, and how you can move towards it on a daily basis: Humility and Realistic Expectations.

First off, it helps to acknowledge both what you don’t know as well as what you may not be good at, and work towards learning new information as well as practicing new things! Whether it’s not knowing which foods are healthy, or how much food to eat, or even how to cook healthy food that you’ll enjoy eating, the process of learning and practicing new things is very useful in the long-run of your nutrition


You know what they say about repeating the same thing over and over again…. To the point of realistic expectations, the outcome we’re looking for in the end is dependent upon consistent action over time. If it were to be a simple math equation:


Each action we take has a response of sorts. Over time, the outcome we arrive at is dependent upon those actions. Whether you want to lose weight or build muscle, finding the appropriate actions and committing to consistently doing them for a necessary amount of time that fits you goal is what’s necessary. If the actions are incorrect or inconsistent, or if the amount of time you commit to doing them is too short, the outcome you desire will not be reached.

Life is going to keep coming at you, regardless of how much you want your goal. Desire alone won’t get you there. Instead of hinging ‘success’ as a hopeful goal 6 months away, break it down into daily and weekly habits. Clarify your goal as specifically as you can, learn what you need to know, and practice what you need to do in order to get there.

Realistically plan out your daily and weekly commitment to habits, and be patient over time as your success builds.


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