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Five Easy Ways to Add Exercise

Blocking out an hour in the day to exercise isn't a practical choice for some of us. Between work, family, and other obligations, a dedicated amount of time for exercise seems to be one area of life that gets left behind. But, there are still some practical ways to fit exercise back into your life while doing other things. Here's a few examples of ways to add exercise into your regular walk of life.

1) Do the Social Exchange

No matter how busy I feel, I always seem to find time to sit down and stare at my phone to read or scroll through social media. This isn't something I'm going to eradicate from my life, but I can at least use that time for something positive. So, I've started to allow myself that time to scroll as long as I'm in a plank or wall sit position. It limits the length of time you use them, and you're usually willing to go back for that extra set so you can finish the story you were reading.

2) Bedtime Yoga

It's exactly what it sounds like. Find 5-10 minutes before you fall into bed to go through a simple warm-down yoga practice. The stretching after a long day is great for your joints and muscles, and the breathing and mental release will do wonders for your sleep and mental wellbeing.

3) Shower Time

One major benefit of taking daily showers is that you can do anything you want just before them, then immediately get clean! This is why I've added my daily squats just before shower time. I do 50 squats before I get in the shower, wash off that slight sweat I wouldn't want on me all day long, and it gets my blood pumping for the day. Feel free to switch out the squats for pushups or crunches. It's all good. Win win.

4) Use your Doorways

Any regularly occurring thing in your world will work for this, but I use doorways. Each time I walk through a doorway at home I do five calf raises. It seems small, but it adds up over the course of the day. Find a regularly occurring mile-marker in your day, then use it as a reminder.

5) Refrigerator Bands

Adding a resistance band to my refrigerator door has made the last untouched room in the house another option for discipline and exercise. There's always the 30 seconds while something is warming up in the microwave to do a set on my triceps. It's always there, and I'm constantly reminded to do the little bit of extra I can.

Find a way to add just a little more to your life!


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