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The Best of...and This is Why

We’re so proud to have been nominated for the Best of Topeka awards! To whomever did that, thank you. We appreciate it. Knowing that one of our clients or friends considers us the best possible place for personal training is truly a blessing. We would love to have a plaque in the front entrance of our gym that reminds us of the high standard you hold us to, so please go over to the Topeka Capital-Journal’s website and vote for us as the best personal trainer/location in Topeka. It’s under the professional category. (Also, find Topeka Sports and Family Chiropractic in the professional category, and Golden Rule Remodeling in the services category. Both are well deserving of votes.)

This honor has caused us to think more about what makes Fitrition a special place and program. We’re committed to helping our clients achieve their goals and fulfill all of their expectations to the best of their capabilities. But a lot of gyms do that. We know our trainers are wonderful people who are invested in the lives and well-being of our clients, but that’s not all that unusual either.

After a lot of discussion and introspection, we’ve realized the thing that makes Fitrition the “best of” in Topeka is the committed clients who do their part every day to do the ‘world challenge’ themselves, and make this environment of coaches, equipment, and strength and conditioning better each and every day.

The commitment to excellence doesn’t begin and end with our owner or our coaches. Our clients achieve here in the gym, then go out into life where they know they can conquer because they already did a hard thing this morning in the gym. Then they come back to us with the confidence and satisfaction of hard-things-done, and they pour that confidence into another difficult workout. This cycle of doing hard things and learning that you can tends to rub off on the people around you. At Fitrition we are the beneficiaries of our clients’ successes. We are the ‘best of’ because of our clients. They make us better every day.


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