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What Our People Say : Testimonies from the Gym

Magen Hawkinson came to Fitrition in 2015, but she didn’t show up alone. Her one-week-old child came with her. After four pregnancies she was eager to get to work, and seeing the results her husband achieved after taking part in Fitrition’s weight-loss clinic really got her excited.

“It’s been surprising to me how many areas of my life have been positively affected by Fitrition,” Hawkinson said. “Of course I have lost weight and am steadily becoming more fit, but I’m regularly amazed when the confidence I have gained in the gym spills over into my daily life.”

There’s a lot of reasons Magen loves Fitrition and has continued to work out there for five years, but she says the community she’s developed is the best result.

“During our training sessions we work hard and leave satisfyingly exhausted, but we also share life together and have lots of fun,” Hawkinson said. “The community I’ve found there with the coaches and with the other clients is the thing I like the most.”

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