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Life is meant to be lived purposefully. Purpose is found in being the best version of ourselves in our relationships and the use of our talents as we do our part within our families, community, and workplaces to serve and make the world a better place for us all. Purpose doesn’t come passively but demands that we actively strive to fulfill it day-by-day. To do this effectively requires personal excellence in practice and habits. This is why we coach.

Strength and Conditioning is the active pursuit of progressing through physical and mental challenges in workouts. Fitness is not the end within itself, but a means to a greater end of living a fulfilling life. When we manage our fitness properly, our health is better and our lifestyle is improved; we’re able to do more things, more often, for longer periods of time, and for longer throughout our lifespan. Whether you value playing with your children or grandchildren, doing your own yard work, enjoying outdoor activities with friends and family, preventing lifestyle-related diseases, or being competitive in fitness or athletic activities; consistency in training is your opportunity to take personal responsibility for your physical health. You don’t control all the variables, but what you eat and what you do are in your control day-to-day; it’s a daily battle you can win.

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